Jordan Maynard provides the 'know how' to ensure that business leaders succeed in delivering technology-enabled growth.

Too often, IT projects flounder, as business stakeholders struggle to reach a consensus vision, while IT staff fail to communicate clearly the opportunities and risks of the technology.

We firmly believe that early involvement from Jordan Maynard will set a project on course for successful realisation of business benefits, rather than the all-too-common costly IT failure.

The skills we bring encompass several disciplines; you may be looking for an IT Consultant, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, interim CIO or a Project Manager. In short, we bridge the gap between business and technology to deliver project success.

A typical engagement might include the following activities.

Capturing Requirements

The crucial aptitude we bring to this phase is real focus on the drivers of business success, and the ability to discuss these with business people in their own language, not arcane technical jargon. Furthermore, we have the experience to spot any lack of clarity in requirements, and resolve this early, so that it doesn't derail the project later on.

Developing the Business Case

Decisions on how to deliver a project (e.g. build vs buy, automated vs manual) are too often based on instinct and hunch. We pride ourselves on using objective, ideally quantitative approaches for these critical decisions.

Defining the Solution Architecture

We are technologists at heart, with a firm grasp on developments such as web application development, APIs, service oriented architecture, business process management, open source, cloud computing and IP telephony. Based on our thorough understanding of your requirements and business case, we will select an appropriate solution architecture, making best use of your current technology or bringing in new elements as appropriate.

Selecting and Managing Technology Partners

Selecting the right delivery partner, be it a software house, systems integrator, web host, or call centre is crucial to the success of your project. We will make use of our wide knowledge of the industry, and our customary objectivity, to help you select the right partner. We can assist in negotiating contracts and service agreements. Ultimately, success depends in building an excellent relationship, and we find that parterships we help our clients to build are long-lasting and built on mutual respect.

Delivering the Solution

While we are not classical project managers, we do have a total focus on timely project delivery, and will pull out the stops to meet your desired delivery date. Our numerous business start-up projects have been delivered on time despite extremely demanding schedules. And, our early involvement in building a thoroughly-researched business case minimises the risk of budget shocks during delivery.

Delivering Education

We recently developed and delivered a 30-contact-hour module on Information Systems Development for the Ravensbourne BSc (Hons) Digital & Technology Solutions degree course. We'd be happy to deliver similar education for other institutions. Read more about the course here.

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